Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brown Bag Party

Angela Isaacs, Romance Consultant
(352) 874-7413
My website!
My website!

I hold parties in: Central FL, and in some areas of south FL.

My specials are: WHAT HAPPENS AT A BROWN BAG PARTY? Educating fun! Everyone gets to try our spa, massage, and edible products, touch and feel bedroom toys, and play games. I send you home with lots of fun tips and tricks to try out in the bedroom. Curious about some things but too embarrassed to ask? Ask in the ordering room!! That's right, a separate room for ordering to ensure all orders are confidential so you get to order whatever tickles your fancy without having to go to an embarrassing shop. WHY HOST A BROWN BAG PARTY? Hostesses receive FREE goodies!! It starts with 20% of their qualified parties’ retail sales. Then there's bonuses, specials and gifts. We give the most generous hostess benefits in the business. I love to meet new people and to laugh and party with the girls. That’s why I love being a Brown Bag Party consultant - it gives me an opportunity to be the totally outgoing silly me that I am, have fun with different ladies, and educate others on a popular topic at the same time. If you'd like to party with your friends or would like to know how to keep the spark in your relationship alive, My parties are designed to inform and educate through tasteful in-home party presentations. Where you, your family & friends can experience sensual products designed to enhance your relationships. Want your loved one to learn with you - Host a Couples Party. It's Tastefully Done & Delightfully Fun!!

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