Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Hot Cherry Kisses

Deanna, CEO
(352) 942-5105
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I hold parties in: I cover the entire West Coast of Florida. We also cover New York… Always looking for more reps.

My specials are: YOU!! We cater our shows to your wants and needs. Celebrated Divorce, Marriage, Girls night out, Couples party. You name it, we can celebrate. We offer our hostesses 20% in hostess gifts along with a fantastic discount towards your purchase. Each month, we offer different Gifts to entice your sales. We offer catalog parties, web parties and home parties. Theme parties? We do them…. Let us come up with some crazy themes. Looking for a fun career? Then RHCK is your place to be. We offer our girls great incentives, Free tips and training, plenty of support. You will never feel alone in your business, we are all here to help each other. Each month we have a great sign on special, ask us about this month’s special.

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