Monday, November 1, 2010

Be a hostess – and earn products!

The best part of agreeing to be a hostess is earning fabulous products and discounts on items. Even if you love the product, you may find that being a hostess requires some tedious work. Before you agree to host a party, take care to understand the benefits available to you by asking these vital questions.

How Much Do I Need to Sell?
Most party plans give hostesses a percentage off or free products depending on how much they sell. To estimate whether the time required to put together the party will be worth it, you need to make sure you know how the plan works. With most plans, you will get a baseline discount simply for hosting the party. That discount can be a percentage off or a free gift as a token of appreciation. Beyond that, your guests will need to place purchases for you to earn the points to purchase products. Ask for a listing of the tiers for free products and try to invite guests you think are likely to purchase.

When Can I Redeem My Products and Discounts?
Ask the hostess if you will be able to order your items the night of the party. In many cases, you can place an initial order that night. Additional purchases from your party for guests who buy later can be applied to your order retroactively in some cases. Find out from your party plan representative if there is any sort of waiting period for you to receive your products and discounts. If you are confused about how any of this works, check with your party representative or visit the website of the party plan company. Most of your questions will be spelled out there.

Are There Other Ways to Earn?
Some party plans allow you to earn products in ways other than the purchase total of your guests. Ask about these special ways to earn money to help you maximize your financial benefit from your party. A common way to earn is by inviting a certain number of guests to the party or by having a certain number of guests attend. Be sure you invite people you think are likely to attend and give reminder calls the day before the party.

Many party plans have a level of earning potential for parties booked from yours. If someone who attends your party decides to book her own, then you can earn an immediate discount and even be eligible for discounts based on the sales at that second party. For this reason, try to choose party plans that aren’t overdone in your area.

Being a hostess may be automated with many party plan systems, but they are still work. You will need to come up with a guest list, get out the invitations, handle any communication about the party, get your house “party ready,” and serve food and drink to the guests. Make sure you get the scoop on what you can earn as a hostess before you sign up!

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