Monday, November 1, 2010

Thinking of becoming a Romance Rep?

If so, you may want to starting reading a book that will give you more insight!

Naughty Girls' Night In: Start Your Own Sex-Toy Party Business (You Know It's Not the '50s When You're Selling Your Girlfriends Lingerie and Sex Toys Instead of Plasticware)

About the book...

"From enjoying a night of sexy fun with your girlfriends to starting a highly profitable home business, this book describes everything you need to know about in-home adult parties. Organized by women for women, these parties are transforming female sexuality while creating a huge new market for everything from risque lingerie and flavored massage oils to couple-friendly DVDs and vibrating sex toys. Reflecting the spirit of the parties, the authors offer a girlfriend's guide to issues they feel passionately about — expanding female sexual pleasure and empowering women through entrepreneurship. Girls' Night In tells how to throw a party, what to sell, and who to invite (and not invite!), as well as how to start your own company, grow the business, and make yourself and other women happy while doing it."

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