Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Review of the Passion Parties Income Opportunity

Passion Parties is one of the leading party plan industries in the United States and Canada. The company was founded in 1994 by women for women as a way to enhance and educate people about sexual expression. Passion Parties also gives women the opportunity to earn income by becoming a consultant. Parties are held by consultants by in-home demonstrations in which products are shown to potential customers to buy.

Passion Parties offers their own line of Romanta Therapy products which was developed specifically for the company. These include sensual body products used for melting a busy woman's stress away and many products to enhance sexual intimacy. The Passion Parties product
line also has a variety of edibles, adult toys, sensual touch, and lingerie. Passion Parties uses the slogan, "Every Day Valentine's Day" because their products are aimed at couples who wish to spice up their love lives.

The company is led entirely by women and is dedicated to offering females the opportunity for financial and personal growth. Passion Parties gives women the chance to own their own business with flexible hours, work from home, or work part time or full time alongside an existing job. Consultants have the opportunity to earn rewards and recognition. Passion Parties is an organizational member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). This association helps to promote healthy sexual behavior and the understanding of sexuality.

There are different levels in the compensation plan. They start with the Consultant which is the beginning level. Next is the Qualified Consultant. Once you have come this far you have proven to be able to have reached easy, simple to acheive goals. You will also receive a cash bonus at this level. The next level in their comp plan is to become a Team Leader. At this level you will hone in on your Leadership Skills, build a professional organization of women. You will also be eligible for bonuses based on what people on your 1st and 2nd level do.

As a Team Manager, the amount you earn with your bonuses will rise dramatically. This is the level where you will establish yourself as a Passion Parties rising star. As an Executive Manager, you earn bonuses based on the first 3 levels of your team, not just 2 levels. You also have the ability to mentor others and the company encourages that you allow yourself to be mentored.

Being an Executive Director in Passion Parties
is the ultimate reward. You have big bonuses and now qualify to work for a new car and other special awards. You will become a member of the Executive Director Counsel as well as become part of the exclusive Million Dollar Club.

Passion Parties are designed to dispel myths surrounding sexuality. Consultants do this by getting people to talk about their sexuality openly in a confidential environment. The parties get people in touch with their bodies and teach couples how to communicate more effectively in their relationships.

To become a Passion Parties consultant, you must be at least 18 years of age and you must live in the United States or Canada. Go to their website and fill out the online form and a consultant will contact you with further information.

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