Sunday, January 2, 2011

Buying a new sex toy? Don't forget the sex toy cleaner!

Walking into an adult store and walking out with lubricant, a new sex toy and some pretty lingerie is perhaps one of the best feelings in the world. You know that you're in for a good night whether you are playing alone or with a partner and it's time to be honest, you just want to get naked! However sexy you are feeling right now, think about this - did you remember the sex toy cleaner?

How sexy do bacteria sound? Not much! Well, seeing as most sex toys are made from some sort of hard plastic or polyurethane material which are known to harbor all sorts of bacteria, it is vitally important that you buy sex toy cleaner to get the most out of your new play thing. This is especially the case if you plan on using your new toy in a variety of places; on him, on you, anal, vaginal etc. It is very easy to pass bacteria from the anus to the vagina with sex toys especially if it is all slippery with lubricant and if you don't want any nasty bugs, you would be wise to regularly use sex toy cleaner after every session!

Starting with women, most sex toys can actually be cleaned using warm water and soap. You must remember to rinse them thoroughly however, you don't want to run the risk of upsetting the pH balance of your most delicate regions which can lead to all sorts of other nasty problems such as yeast infections. Luckily, you can buy a range of different types of sex toy cleaner. There are wipes which can be used to give your toy a quick rub down after you have used it or sprays that can be used. For a good clean however especially when you have used lubricant which can be hard to wash off, you should by a sex toy cleaner
 that works deep down to remove the remnants of your last play time. It is also vitally important that in between anal fun and vaginal fun, the toy is cleaned thoroughly with a sex toy cleaner. It is perhaps better to use wipes at this time to ensure that you don't spoil the mood!

For men and especially with toys such as love dolls, it is incredibly important to use a sex toy cleaner to make sure that you do not get an infection. It is embarrassing enough to seek medical attention for a bacterial infection without having to actually admit that you got it by not using a sex toy cleaner to wash out your favorite sex toy!

So to make sure that your toys last the distance and you get the most enjoyment out of them, buy a sex toy cleaner alongside your lubricant and array of toys. A clean toy is a happy toy and that makes for a very happy owner!

About the Author: Natalie Scott To avoid nasty infections and the spread of bacteria, you need to think about buying a good sex toy cleaner alongside lubricant for a healthy experience.

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