Saturday, March 12, 2011

Does your relationship need a kick? Try a little Jennifer Crusie

I have it on good authority that Jennifer Crusie’s love scenes make a fabulous aphrodisiac. Whose authority, you might ask? The husbands of the women who read her books. Read the dock scene in Welcome to Temptation and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve been thinking about this. Why some author’s sex scenes leave me cold, while others rev my engine. It’s not detail, Crusie is great with detail, while, say Janet Evanovich uses almost none in her Stephanie Plum series, but they both are capable of putting me in the mood.

Crusie has a way of getting us into the heads of her leading ladies in such a way that we become them. We experience what they experience. And Crusie’s leading men tend to be very proficient in the art of pleasing a woman. But it’s not just the sex, although the sex is quite fabulous. It’s the complexities of the men as well. How they fall for women despite themselves. How they so clearly appreciate the women they are with. It’s quite the come on.

Reading about men like this make female readers feel good about themselves and about men in general. Which is good news for their partners, because apparently women are likely to want to have sex after reading about seduction. Well after reading about seduction when it’s well written and doesn’t turn them totally off. Bad writing can take the fun out of anything!

Why does reading about sex put us in the mood? That’s a good question. There are actual scientific studies (Google it, they’re there) that show women who think about having sex are more likely to actually to want to have sex. And women who read romances get the sex channeled directly into the brain. No work from their imagination needed. So the fact that they found that women who read romance novels have sex significantly more than women who don’t, and enjoy it more, shouldn’t surprise you. Or me either.

But don’t run out and buy just any romance book, make sure you get one that treats the subject in a way that kicks up your heart rate and gets your blood flowing. In my opinion, you can’t beat Jennifer Crusie. Bet Me seems to be a favorite of a lot of her fans. The books I re-read the most are Welcome to Temptation and Faking It, but I don’t think you can go wrong. Crusie romances are among the best I’ve read – a combination of humor, snark, complex engaging characters and sex that make it difficult to put the book down – unless it’s to go find my husband.

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