Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Perfect Food for Hosting a Romance Party

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So you've decided to host a Romance party—get ready for the fun to begin! Not only will you get to check out some of the best adult toys and accessories, but you'll also get the perfect opportunity to enjoy some cocktails and food with friends. If you're not sure what types of refreshments to serve at your Romance party, give our suggestions a try:

1. Weenies and Meatballs
Cocktail weenies and meatballs are fairly simple to make—there are even frozen brands that can help you along if you're extremely short on time. To make serving a breeze, have the weenies in one crock pot and the meatballs in another. This way, your guests can have weenies and balls together—or on their own! How's that for sexual culinary advancement?

2. Banana Daiquiris
Banana daiquiris aren't just delicious—they can be oh-so-phallic. Those at your party that enjoy a good cocktail every once in a while are sure to slurp down this tasty frozen treat. Garnish each banana daiquiri with half a banana and two cherries for an extra-naughty presentation.  

3. Tribute to the Penis
Photo Credit  Enchanted Cakes of Brevard
Thanks to an array of novelty stores online, there are tons of penis-shaped goodies that can help to feed your party attendees. Get a penis cake mold or penis cookie cutters and make treats that taste great and look dirty. For extra spice, decorate your cake or cookies with black sprinkles to represent our boys' hair down under. If you're looking for some carbs to serve to your guests, check out penis-shaped pasta. Not only is it great with alfredo sauce, but the implications just can't be ignored.

4. Hide the Salami
For a fun, tongue-in-cheek appetizer, put some salami and brie cheese on crescent roll dough. Wrap the crescent roll up and bake for a snack that will burst with hilarity! Your guests are sure to appreciate the humor—and delicious taste—of this winning dish.

5. Fish Tacos
We've given the boys' parts enough attention—now it's on to a snack you can serve to represent what God gave us women. Fish tacos are pretty easy to make, and there are tons of recipes on the Internet that feature different herbs and flavors. If your guests aren't big fans of fish, you can go for the less-obvious chicken or beef.

Now you've got all the ideas you need to really make a statement with your Romance party refreshments. What are you waiting for? Go get prepared!

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