Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going to a Romance Party?

Have you ever gone to a romance party?  Were you a bit scared or frightened or were you looking forward to it and could hardly wait?

Romance parties are a lot of fun but they are definitely not for the person who is shy.  They are like any other home party that you may attend but they tend to be a party where everyone laughs a little more and possibly learns a little bit than they want to know about each other.

Of course, the jokes are a little bit raunchier or risqué, and the treats may be cut into a variety of “shapes” for the guests enjoyment, but really, you are there to have fun, laugh, and hopefully purchase a few items. 

Expect that interspersed with the jokes and laughter there will be a little bit of education and you will hopefully go home knowing something new. 

If you are curious about something, but do not want to ask the demonstrator in front of everyone, orders will likely be taken in a separate room and you can go in there and ask.  Chances are the demonstrator has heard your question before and will have an answer for you.
Have you been to a romance party?  Did you enjoy it?

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