Friday, July 15, 2011

Three Things You Can Do To Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated

So often couples forget to make their partner feel appreciated. Everyone is so busy multi tasking that we start to take the most precious things in our lives for granted. We often treat our friends, colleagues, and even strangers, better than we treat our own partner. No wonder the divorce rate is so high. Tempers are boiling over, self esteem is at an all time low and frustration lingers day after day.
Here are some simple ways to make your partner feel appreciated. Not only will it make them feel great, but the positive energy and good feelings will have an affect on you as well.

For Women:

1. Stop nagging. When a woman is giving her man advice, or just voicing something as simple as, "I'm cold!" a man will often interpret that as nagging.  Men love a woman who is easy going and not complaining about every little thing. 

2. Compliment your man. Women are complimented all the time about their handbag, clothes, perfume, new hairstyle, etc. by everyone from their friends, to co-workers to the check out girl at the grocery store. Men are rarely complimented. Tell him how great his new haircut looks or how sexy he is in his new jeans and watch him smile from ear to ear.

3. Even if you are working just as hard as he is. Appreciate him by preparing him a nice, relaxing, romantic meal at least twice per week. One way to a man's heart really is through his stomach.

For Men:

1. Listen to her. Women not only love to talk, they need to talk. After a long day, a woman likes to go over everything and share what happened to her and get some things off her mind.  Men don't understand this, because the way a man unwinds after work is to grab a beer and watch the game, surf the net or go workout. They don't need to chat for an hour about their problems. Appreciate your partner by letting her talk. Just sit and listen, she is not looking for solutions, she just wants to be heard.

2. Surprise her with a little gift at least once per month. It can be small, but women love gifts. Even some hand picked flowers, a card, a candle, a new tube of lip gloss that you see at the check out stand will let her know that she is always on your mind. 

3. Thank her for the work she does around the house. Thank her for doing your laundry, walking the dog, cleaning up your breakfast dishes. Often these tedious tasks get no recognition and begin to feel like a burden.
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