Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Exciting

A marriage is one of the most exciting moments in your life. Many people wait their whole lives to have a wedding day, and enjoy every last dance and crumb of cake. Then there are the hundreds of pictures to keep as memories that will last a lifetime. Soon after the honeymoon though, reality begins to set in. You're married now. And despite the best of intentions and all the love that you share for each other, married life can sometimes be a little less than exciting. Your life starts to become routine, and if you're not careful, resentment and dissatisfaction can creep in on an otherwise joyful and loving relationship.

I'm not saying head to the divorce lawyer, but it's crucial for married couples, young and old, new and established, to continue to keep excitement as an important part of the marriage. It's hard to imagine as a newlywed, but marriages don't stay exciting over the years merely on the momentum from the high of the wedding day. This is why couples should take some steps to keep things stimulated. To help get you started, here are 5 ways to keep your marriage exciting.

1. Find A Joint Interest

Getting involved in something together is a wonderful way to have fun, spend time with each other, and expand both your interests. This could be anything from a class together, volunteering for a charitable organization, or perhaps thinking outside the box to something you both thought you'd never be interested in. The best part is, trying out new, fun things together to see what sticks is always a winner. Even if it turns out awful, you have something to laugh about at the end of the day.

2. Keep The Bedroom Spicy

There's no way around it, sex and intimacy are an important part of any adult relationship, especially a marriage. Days of working long hours, stressful jobs, and other routine things have a way of creeping in and spoiling the sex factor in any relationship. But don't let it! It's crucial to explore new ways of being intimate with your partner. Share sexual fantasies, buy some sexy lingerie, take a bath together, or have an evening to just relax in bed with no TV or other distractions. Most of all, don't be afraid to try something new. This is the key to keeping things spicy!

3. Weekend Getaways

For some married couples, the weekend becomes the best time to keep to themselves, or run errands, or lounge around the house in their underwear watching TV. Some weekends that's fine, but otherwise, it's time to start planning some different activities. The best one is to plan a weekend getaway together. Some place fun that you can relax, do something different, and get away from the normal and familiar routine of where you live. It doesn't have to be expensive or really far away, even a night's stay at a hotel in your city can do wonders for the marriage.

4. Keep Laughing

Being in a marriage shouldn't be all serious. The whole point of being with someone is that they make you happy. When you think of them, you should smile. And smiling together is even better. Watch some comedy together, go see some funny movies, tell each other silly stories about friends or co-workers. Allow yourselves to relax and laugh at life rather than take things too seriously. It's important for your own individual happiness, but especially for your marriage. Just try not to laugh too much at each other!

5. Have Separate Interests

This may seem like it goes against #1, but rest assured that both are important. Taking a fun cooking class together is a great way to get out and share a joint interest. But it's just as important to have your own lives and continue to do the things you love individually. Some scoff at the idea of a married couple daring to do things as individuals, but this is in fact the healthier way to go. This allows you to spend time not only doing the things you love, but also giving you new and exciting things to talk about. It's boring to always be around someone that has nothing interesting to say! Plus, remember the old saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." You'll be more excited to see each other when you have both been off doing something else for a while.

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